October 15, 2017

Policy + TOS

Commission policy

By ordering a plush you are agreeing with all of the rules stated in this contract.

*I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason, I will discuss this with you prior to rejecting. This will normally be down to making something I am uncomfortable creating. I.e NSFW / Anything depicting cruelty or a harmful nature.

Please contact us on store@cutiecreation.com or Facebook.com/CutieCreation to check we have spots available and to request a commission spot. When contacting us, please include the following information

Your Name:
Your Location:
Plush Size:
Plush reference/Name of character:
If you want picture updates:
PayPal address:

If our commission spots are full we will still give you price, if you then want to be placed on the waiting list we will ask for a small deposit which will be put on hold in our account until it is time to make your plush.

We will happily send you pictures of the process if you wish to see, we will not take pictures that include our patterning as we make all our patterns ourselves and do not wish to share them online at this current time but during the process of piecing the plush together we will happily share pictures with you as long as you request it.

We do allow part payment but we request that you pay at least half up front (unless discussed otherwise) which will be used as a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to fulfil the plush due to us having to cancel.

Any alterations needing to be made will be charged accordingly. If it is only small minor changes you can have 1 change free of charge, anything major that would result in us;

  1. Having to buy more fabric.
  2. Having to remake a large proportion of the plush
  3. Having to start again from scrap

Will be charged at a rate we will discuss with you prior to making these changes.


A deposit will be taken when we agree to making the plush, usually this will be at least half of the final price. This payment is non-refundable as we will be using it to purchase the fabrics, stuffing etc. The only time the payment will be refunded is if we are unable to make your plush for any specific reason. We will discuss this with you prior to returning the money encase we can come up with a solution together.

If you have agreed to be on the waiting list we will ask for a small part of the deposit to be payed to keep your space, when you then move into the main plush list you will be asked to pay the rest of the deposit so we can purchase the fabrics ready for when your plush is to be started.

There are two methods of payment you can chose. Pay in full (which is preferred as that way we can just ship it when it’s done) Or you can choose to pay in instalments.

If you chose to pay in instalments we will ask you to pay half upfront (unless discussed otherwise) and the final payment + shipping will be paid once we finish the plushy. If you wish to stagger your payments over a bit more time, please ask us as we will try and accommodate your wishes the best we can!

If on completion of the plush you don’t reply to us with the final payment (If you have chosen the instalment method) within 2 weeks (unless you have let us know you are leaving the country/personal problems etc) we will assume you no longer want the plush. On doing this we will not return your deposit and your plush will be sold, this may also affect your chances of us doing another commission for you.

Postage will be paid AFTER the plush is complete, this way we can give you a more accurate pricing for shipment a long with offer you different types of shipment.

Confirmation of your address will be required before sending the plush as I want to make sure we have the correct address before sending it out.

OC Plushies – For this we require 100% paid upfront due to the nature of the plush.

The process

Before starting we will always sketch out a design for you to accept.

1 – Creating the pattern out of paper.

2 – Testing the pattern with scrap fabric to make sure it works/it is the right size.

3 – Correcting the pattern if you see any problems with it.

4 – Start to cut the actual pattern out of the main fabric

5 – Do any embroidery that needs to be done.

6 – Sew the plush

7 – Stuff the plush

8 – Take some photos and share it with you!

9 – Post the plush!!

10 – hopefully see happy customer photos. Please do share your photos with us as we will really appreciate that!

General information

Plushy do take a long time to make, we always rough guess about a month and then delivery times, if we do come in contact with any problems we will let you know in advance.

If your plush is a gift or you wish for it to remain a secret please let us know in advance so we don’t post any pictures public and then let us know when you are okay with it going in our plush file.

If you wish to add any more detail to the plush i.e change of clothes, extra props, please let us know, we can discuss the outcome, the price may change slightly due to this.

If you wish to have a specific character detail i.e expression, pose, please let us know BEFORE we start working on the plush or we will go for a default pose. i.e standing for humans, normal standing for dogs cats etc. If you decided half way through making the plush you want us to change this, it will cause charges.

If you send multiple pictures and they have different expression/clothes please make it known which ones you want specifically so we can have a clear image to work on.

We do not accept refunds or returns.

We will do some minor repairs if needed due to transport breakage or if we miss something, but it is up to the customer to pay the postage.

If the character/oc was not designed by you we will require permission from the original artist/plush maker, and that is something you will need to gain. We will not do it for you.

Measurements may vary, those who have worked with us before will know this. For example, if you order a 6 inch plush it may end up more 7 inched, please let us know beforehand if it cannot exceed a certain point.

Please provide pictures when requesting, text is vague no matter how much detail you put into it.

Due to their handmade nature, no plushy will be identical

Please do not wash the plushies, they are not suitable for washing machines, surface wash only as long as the fabric hasn’t been dyed by us.

Please handle with care, these are hand sewn plushies and not mass manufactured, they are meant for a cuddle not a tug.